We "My-Pace" aim to adjust music(especially classical ballet music) to your dance, purpose, image and so on.

You can use our music for practice until you get used to the original speed,
and you can also use them to look for your best speed for your performance.
Why don't you become more brilliant on the dream stage with YOUR OWN SOUND ?☆

【Service contents】  【Price】  【Contact information】  【How to Order】  【ATTENTION】   <Front page>

【Service contents】
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1.Speed up
 →When you can't keep your pose such a long time, or when you have to finish your dance within the time limit.
  (a portion of one track, is also available)

2.Slow down
 →When you can't move so quickly.
  (a portion of one track, is also available)

3.Repeat phrase
 →When you need more counts to finish your movement.

4.Omit phrase
 →When the track is too long, or you have unnecessary phrase in the track.

5.Combine different orchestras
 →When you like this arrange in the beginning, and like that at the end of the music.
  (Key control is also possible)

6.Volume control
 →Fade in, Fade out or Volume up, Volume down
  (a portion of one track, is also available)

7.Key control
 →Key up, or Key down

8.addition of sound effects
 →When it is very hard for you to find which count should you start to move.

9.Noise removal (depends on the noise)
 →When the track has the repetition of the same phrase and only one portion has a noise      
       or the track has some noise before and after the music.
  (application of above to this case)

10.Processing for the live stage
 →Sort music by order of appearance, gap control between tracks.

【Price】 <to Top of this page>
!!anniversary campaign of the "My-Pace" relocation!!

<<Special reasonable price for using YOUR sound source.(←Please send your CDs to us.)>> 
♯30 Sets only!♯

Va.course:1 original track(within 5 minutes), controls above 2,000yen
                  (Delivery charges are NOT included)
         due date: about 1 week

Pa.course:Pas de deux 1 set,(antree, adagio, male va, female va, coda about 5 or 6 tracks)controls above 6,000yen
                  (Delivery charges are NOT included)
         due date: about 10 days

St.course:Controls above(up to about 3 CDs, 210 minutes)10,000yen
                  (Delivery charges are NOT included)
         due date: about 2 weeks

(Prices above are included 1 CD-media price, and If you need more, we charge you 100 yen per 1 CD.)

We try to tune music as smoothly as we can.
We may send you a few patterns for a speed change in the cost of 1 track.

Please send CDs to us as sound sources (not MDs)
Anything else, please feel free to contact us and we will make the estimate.

We can send our music to you by CD ONLY.

※We may have some super major sounds.  Please consult us in advance.
 Swan Lake/the Nutcracker/the Sleeping Beauty/Don Quixote/Giselle/Le Corsaire/Raymonda/
 La Bayadere/Les Sylphides/Coppelia/Sylvia/Cinderella/Romeo and Juliet
 Jewels/Serenade/Allegro brillante/Symphony in C/Manon
【Grand Pas de Deux】
 Paquita (Grand Pas) /Pas Classique/Flower Festival at Genzano/La Sylphide/Flame of Paris/
 Pas de Quatre (Pugni) /Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux/La Fille Mal Gardee act2&act3
 Tarantella/The Dying Poet (Gottschalk) etc.
 Gopak (MaleVa)

【Contact information】 <to Top of this page>
Contact Form (You can send E-mail to us.)

※Please let us know "Calling for ballet music" etc.
(Fax) 072-703-4059 ←New! since March, 2017

Sound source CDs send to:
★We have moved as of March,2017★
〒563-0102 3-9-4, Tokiwadai, Toyono-cho, Toyono-gun, Osaka "My-Pace Office".

〒565-0847 17-10, Tsukigaoka, Senriyama, Suita-shi, Osaka
〒565-0821 4-39-4-205, Yamada-Higashi, Suita-shi, Osaka

【How to Order】 <to Top of this page>
Please contact us by E-mail or by FAX (If impossible, call us)
If you send us a DVD in the marketplace as a sample, we are easy to understand what you want.

We are fond of classical ballet, so if you tell us the details of your wishes
(what kind of movement do you want to do) is very helpful.

Ex)Track 25 of the DISC 2
  Esmeralda female Va.(tambourine)
  A student can't raise and keep her legs up such a long time, so we want to speed up from "Ballonne" to the last pose.

Ex) Coda of "Le Corsaire" Pas de trois
  female fouette part (0:52-1:25) I want to repeat single→double→triple sequence, so slow down a little.
  and want to do pique endehors quickly, so speed up. 

Ex) Track 8
  Small kids can't get out of the stage within the music, so we want more 16 counts somewhere from 3:12 to the last.

Ex) Track 10
  Extend the space about 2 seconds at 2:12 so that we can pose in the time.

Even if you have the CD recorder with the speed-change function,
please do NOT tell us the number of the tempo when you order specific speed.
Speed control figures (percentage) are depend on the CD recorder.

How to order specific tempo:
・Extend 3 minutes (from 2:10 to 5:10) to 3 minutes plus 10 seconds
・Speed down 10% from the beginning to the end
・track 1 (original time=3:10) must be finished within 3:00
・we want the whole track to be two-four meter, tempo 100 of the metronome

【ATTENTION】 <to Top of this page>
・We are NOT responsible for the lost, break of your discs in the mails.
   Please be careful not to break CD plastic case which is very easy to crack.

・If we can't tune music as you like, we will inform you about that.
 On this occasion, we are very sorry but let us charge you mailing cost only.
 (Please let us know the detail of your order before you send your sound source to us.)

・When you get our sound, please listen to it at once and confirm that you can play the music correctly.
 We will resend CDs if our CD has a wrong track.
 We can NOT take responsibility when you use our sound without reconfirmation and fail your stage.

・We need time to edit and mail for a while, so please get your back-ups in hand before you send the sound source CD to us.

・Please make sure not to cancel your order after we start to edit your music.


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